Room-Scale VR – the hype within the hype at Kaleidoscope World Tour in Cologne

I have been at the Kaleidoscope VR Event in Cologne yesterday.


Its an event to showcase VR- Films, Art and Experiences. It was great to be in a room full of people as enthusiastic about VR as I am. And while it was a look into the future with most of the technology shown not even available for most just yet,  it also felt a bit like a time travel back into the late 19th century at the same time.


The line in front of the three HTC Vive Demo booth was huge. Two hours waiting time for trying the experience for no more than 5 minutes. My impression was that all the rave was about those Vive demos and the few seated, interactive experiences with the Oculus Rift paled in comparison.

To be fair, it might just  look so much more appealing for the outside observer: Almost motionless people with headsets sitting and staring at a computer screen they can’t even see – compared to people walking around, moving, waving with there hands being visibly excited about their experience.

I only got to try some of the Gear VR Films and I must say I was somewhat underwhelmed at first. Mainly because one of the lenses was full of condensation and trying to clean it up didn’t help much. When the battery of the phone died only a few minutes in, my first Gear VR experience was over before it really started.

Later I used the Gear VR to watch some Demo movies shot with the Nokia OZO which was amazing and much more like what I had expected from watching 360 videos.

IMG-20160319-WA0009 - Kopie

Overall it was a great occasion to pump up  my excitment  before I get my own HTC Vive in a few weeks even more. The one thing that I took home from the event was that VR is all about immersion and that room-scale and VR Controllers are a huge parts of getting there!

Here we go!

Starting with the about page:


I am Dirk, 46 years old 3D artist based in Aachen, Germany. Using software tools like Maya, Vray, Redshift, After Effects and Photoshop, I mainly work on graphic design and animations with a technical background.

Although I have been working in 3D for almost 15 years now, my first direct contact with Virtual Reality only happened last December. Short experiences, but I immediately knew that it would give a whole new meaning to everything that I could create in 3D.

No matter how beautiful or ugly, creative or boring, clever or stupid, complex or simple my 3D creations turned out to be, they were seemingly forever confined to the  tiny, two dimensional space of a screen – and getting a bigger boat display only gets you so far.

In the coming months I will write about the journey I am about to embark on: Setting up hardware and my place for room scale VR; learning about the new software like Unity and programming (gulp!!); creating ideas for my first own VR projects, my struggles, frustrations and hopeful small triumphs in between.

While not blogging about it, I can get as passionate about other things in life: running in the hills outside town, month long mountain bike trips all over the world, hiking in Corsica and soon in Scotland. Reminding me, that after all real life is still way more exciting than anything virtual.